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                    Use knowledge quiz about the saw blade
                    Time:2016-05-14    Source:Jinghua Tools    Views:916

                    1: how to saw blade grinding?

                    The stand or fall of grinding blade directly affects the service life of the saw blade, good grinding shall be carried out on automatic equipment. The grinding wheel feed shoulds not be too fast, grinding time not less than 30 minutes at a time.

                    2: sweep d saw blade, saw blade material?

                    Motor spindle beating big cause of: equipment, or saw blades matrix runout.

                    3: why have burr phenomenon?

                    Alloy saw blade is not sharp, cannot continue when cutting burr phenomenon, appeared burr blade needs sharpening.

                    4: the harm of inferior saw blades have?

                    Cutting time is short, change frequently, a waste of time. Accuracy, not waste material. Spindle and motor damage to equipment, and equipment life expectancy. Security line is poor, easy to hurt.

                    5: why cutting section has a scratch?

                    Cause of scratches more: materials have impurities, saw blade defects, equipment motor and spindle deviation, etc.

                    6: why off teeth fall off (alloy) phenomenon?

                    Alloy loss is caused due to bad soldering or welding equipment. High quality welding piece should be silver - copper - three layers, inferior blade silver - copper only two houses.

                    7: why there are phenomenon of tooth saw blade viscosity?

                    Sticky teeth are usually made of saw blades and equipment of power and feed speed mismatch, should be based on the equipment power and cutting material selection.

                    8: why broken tooth fracture (alloy) phenomenon?

                    Broken tooth often before because of the saw blade Angle is too large, too large rake Angle can improve the service life of the first, but after grinding life declined obviously, and increase user security risks. In addition to uneven material can also lead to broken tooth.

                    9: short service life of the saw blade?

                    Used inferior steel or alloy saw blade, saw blade does not match with equipment or profile, blade design is not reasonable.

                    10: how to choose appropriate saw blade?

                    Users should provide equipment state and shape of the cutting material grades/cross-sectional area. High quality saw blades look good: teeth welding parts, alloy light sharp. Along with the manufacturer information in order to after-sales service.

                    11: doors and Windows after cutting the top corner?

                    Saw blade Angle cutting work condition (or 45 degrees 22.2 degrees), the high requirement of saw blades matrix (steel plate). Inferior steel plate cannot be good working in oblique cutting condition.

                    12: the service life of saw blade calculation method?

                    Life = number of sawing * cross-sectional area. Sawing = new blade number + until after grinding scrap cutting, high quality saw blades cutting times after each grinding of only 5-15% of the decline. Poor there will be more than 50% of the decline.

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