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                    Circular saw blade export growth
                    Time:2016-05-14    Source:Jinghua tools    Views:872

                    Report from our correspondent (reporter li-li jiao) in the first quarter of this year, our city mechanical and electrical products import and export total $404 million, fell 9.68% year on year, a drop tends to narrow. Among them, the circular saw blade export performance outstanding, related parts exports of $5.62 million, up 30.06%.

                    Data from shijiazhuang customs statistics show that from January to march, the mechanical and electrical products export $306 million in zhuhai, fell by 20.74%, about 20.48% of the total cost of the export in the city; Imported us $098 million, an increase of 59.7%, about 11.04% of the total cost of the imported in the city. Mechanical and electrical products import and export surplus of $208 million.

                    According to statistics, exports more than seven million yuan in the first quarter of 5 kinds of mechanical and electronic products, steel structure and components, non-industrial with iron and steel products, pumps with parts, zinc coated steel wire mesh, fence and grille, valve parts, such as the five kinds of products export $093 million, accounting for nearly thirty percent of the total cost of the electromechanical export in the city.

                    From the point of market, our city exports contracted for most export market, a few export market growth. Zhuhai to India, Belgium, Brazil, Japan and other export market growth of 21.98%, 31.59%, 10.68% and 21.98% respectively.

                    The private enterprise is the main mechanical and electrical products import and export. 819 the city has achievements in the import and export of mechanical and electronic enterprises, 744 private enterprises, import and export total $319 million, accounted for 79.03%. City business bureau officials said, in the face of severe complex foreign trade situation, our city mechanical and electrical enterprises to develop international market through various channels, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, at the same time actively introducing e-commerce mode, promote our city mechanical and electronic import and export of positive of stabilising.

                    Addr:DanBei Town, Dang Yang City , JiangSu Province  Tel:0511-86345999    
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