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                    Overview of alloy saw blades
                    Time:2016-05-14    Source:Jinghua tools    Views:871

                    Alloy circular saw blade is the most commonly used cutting tool products processing, the quality of the alloy circular saw blade has close relationship with the quality of processed products. Correct reasonably choose alloy circular saw blade for improving product quality, shorten the processing cycle, reduce the processing cost is of great importance. Carbide saw blade containing alloy tool bit types, substrate material, diameter, number of teeth, thickness, tooth shape, Angle, aperture, and many other parameters, these parameters determine the processing capability of saw blade and cutting performance. Choosing saw blade should be according to the types of cutting material, thickness and the direction of the cutting speed, cutting, sawing feeding speed, road width need to correct selection of saw blade.

                    A selected, specification and size guidelines

                    1, choose outside diameter: generally can be set according to the milling depth diameter, such as milling 20 mm, saw blade diameter 100 mm, but when saw blade milling cutter installation space is limited, also can be appropriately reduced diameter.

                    2, when the outer diameter is selected, can be flat teeth of solid carbide saw blade size and check the corresponding within the aperture in the teeth. Choose the number of teeth and the milling thickness and material properties on the surface of the processed finish, when saw blade thinner should choose more teeth have a normal life.

                    3 related to the outer diameter and thickness of the thinnest size, solid carbide flat tooth saw blade milling cutter size and thickness range in the number of initial size is usually when the outer diameter of the thinnest thickness size, for example: outer diameter of 160 mm, 2.2 mm thickness range.

                    4, special specification and size is put forward by the user, the manufacturer confirmed delivery.

                    5, carbide tooth saw blade according to international practice, please specify when inquiry specification size (mm) : outer diameter * within the aperture x number of teeth, thickness and indicate the kinds of cutting materials.

                    6, and the diameter of saw blade used for cutting equipment and the thickness of cutting the workpiece. Saw blade small diameter, cutting speed is relatively low; Saw blade diameter is large, the saw blade and cutting equipment requirement is high, at the same time cutting efficiency is high. Circular saw machine model of the saw blade diameter according to the different use of saw blade diameter. The diameter of the standard are: 110 mm (4 inches), 150 mm (6 inches), 180 mm (7 inches), 200 mm (8 inches), 230 mm (9 inches), 250 mm (10 inches), 300 mm (12 inches), 350 mm (14 inches), 400 mm (16 inches), etc.

                    7, serrated teeth, in general, the more the number of cutting edge in unit time, the more the better cutting performance, cutting teeth but need more carbide quantity, the price of the saw blade is high, but saw a cipher, tooth chip capacitors between the quantity is small, easy to cause blade fever; Also saw too much, when feeding with improper words, each tooth cutting quantity are very few, will sharpen the edge with workpiece friction, affect the service life of blade. Usually insert spacing in 15 to 25 mm, should choose the number of teeth on the reasonable according to cutting material.

                    8, the thickness of the saw blade is theoretically we hope saw blades, the thinner the better kerf is, in fact, a kind of consumption. Alloy saw blades matrix materials and manufacturing process determines the thickness of the saw blade saw blade, the thickness of a thin, saw blades work easy to shake, influence the effect of cutting. When selecting the thickness of the saw blade should be the stability of the saw blade work as well as the cutting material to consider.

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