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                    Addr: DanBei Town, Dang Yang City , JiangSu Province
                    Tel: 0511-86345999
                    Fax: 0511-86336000
                    E-mail: toolsjh@163.com
                    Website: http://www.troy-gold.com
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                    Zhenjiang jinghua tools co., LTD is located in "China's rural tools" ─ ─ jiangsu danyang near the back alley, is a professional research and production: all kinds of thin wall diamond saw blade, alloy saw blade, engineering drilling, laser welding saw blades and other products of export-oriented enterprises.

                    The company was founded in July 2002, covers an area of 11000 square meters, including building and workshop area more than 10000 square meters, with a total investment of more than 1000 ten thousand yuan. Company after the staff years of hard work, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced equipment and strong technology development and production strength, the annual production capacity can reach more than 3 million pieces, the marketing network has covered domestic and distributes more than 10 countries and regions. The company since its inception, strictly the quality pass, with high quality products and services to meet the demand of the market both at home and abroad.

                    The company has always been adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation" as the concept, with "good faith" for business purposes, to serve the users, the spirit of continuous innovation, providing customers with the best quality products and the most perfect service. Company will be in accordance with the diversification of the thinking of development, continue to become bigger and stronger diamond products, to develop other products, to achieve the leap development of enterprise quickly create a "jinghua tools" new world!

                    "Jinghua tools tools essence" -- Beijing strive to do the best saw blade in China!

                    Addr:DanBei Town, Dang Yang City , JiangSu Province  Tel:0511-86345999    
                    CopyRight ? 2021 Zhenjiang Jinghua Tools co., LTD  All rights reserved  
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